The beginning

This is the first post in a series dedicated to documenting the process of building a Drupal 7 blog. The topics will range from CSS and theme choices to module selection and configuration. Fair warning: I'm more than a bit of a geek and these topics tend to bring out the worst in me. I may use obscure CSS references and humor only socially challenged web developers understand. Feel free to ignore anything irrelevant and ask me to clarify anything important. I hope you find this interesting.

Beginning Again

I've decided to dedicate some time every day to working on fun projects. Some of that time will be spent on this website.

I recently updated this site from Drupal 6 to 7 and I'm going to be rebuilding it from the ground up. I enjoy discussing Drupal, so I will be documenting this redesign process as I go. Please comment and ask questions as I write about this project, I would appreciate it.

I see the light

I've been on back to back development projects for over a year year. I'm afraid I've been neglecting this site to an embarrassing degree. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and hopefully I'll be writing here again soon. I've been knee deep in Drupal 7 development for most of this time, and I have some things I'd like to write about. Hopefully you'll be as interested reading about it as I was learning it.  

Do You Hear Yourself?

Do you subscribe to your own RSS feeds? You should. It may sound like a strange form of vanity but it's not. It's a defense mechanism. If you don't subscribe, how do you know what your readers are getting? I subscribe to my personal site and social media feeds, as well as those of sites I work on. Several times I've caught and fixed problems with feeds before clients or readers have noticed anything.


iPad Wallpaper Images

I've been spending a lot of time with Photoshop lately, and I'd like to share some of my work with you. Jump over to Riven Design and check out the iPad wallaper images we've put up. When I have time I'll add some other formats.

We Have Not Forgotten

We Have not Forgotten

It's hard to believe it's been four years. These images are free to use anywhere you'd like for personal reasons. Other formats could be made available. Let me know where you use them if it's convenient. The images have transparent backgrounds except for the one specifically noted.

Flipboard and Accessibility

Accessibility LogoI think iPad apps like Flipboard may turn out to be one of the best things to happen to accessibility in quite a while. Not because they are accessibility tools themselves, because they are not. No, this is a bonus for accessibility because it will let users who would never think about accessibility see the consequences of bad code.


BlogDesk is a fairly nice desktop blogging client. In simpler terms it's a piece of software that lets you post to your blog from your desktop without using the web browser. This allows for some added features over a lot of blogging platforms. It supports a wide range of blog platforms including WordPress, MovableType, Drupal, and Serendipity.

Drupal Presentation

I gave a presentation to a local social media group called NDTweetup earlier today. I walked through various Drupal capabilities, discussed installation profiles, and showed some examples of Drupal sites. Over the course of the meeting we discussed the versatility and capabilities of Drupal and other CMS products. Drupal's ability to both generated RSS feeds and to aggregate them was one of the more popular points of discussion.


A Link of a Different Color

I've been spending a lot of time reviewing websites lately. I keep seeing the same few mistakes over and over. Some of them may be intentional design choices, but for the most part they seem to be mistakes of omission. What I'm seeing is incomplete CSS for links. Incomplete link CSS does one of two things.