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I see the light

I've been on back to back development projects for over a year year. I'm afraid I've been neglecting this site to an embarrassing degree. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and hopefully I'll be writing here again soon. I've been knee deep in Drupal 7 development for most of this time, and I have some things I'd like to write about. Hopefully you'll be as interested reading about it as I was learning it.  

Drupal Multi-site

The changes on this site weren't entirely for the sake of change. I've wanted to change to Drupal for a while, but I just didn't want to spend the time. WordPress was working fine and I had no real reason to change. Now I do. I've been building some other sites for family and family businesses using my personal hosting account. These sites have for one reason or another all changed to Drupal in recent months. One of Drupal's advantages is the ability to build multiple sites on the same code base.

Redesigned and Converted to Drupal

After a lot of thought, I've switched this site over to Drupal. I really like WordPress, and I plan to continue designing for it, but for my purposes Drupal will be a better fit. While I could have matched the new site structure to the old one, I decided to restructure. My old site map had become a little conveluted and I took this opportunity to straighten it out.

Change is Good

I'm in the process of making some signficant changes to this site, and I seem to have crossed feeds with another site. Hopefully this post will straighten things out. The transtion to Drupal from WordPress is underway.

Are you following me?

Sounds like I'm misquoting Robert De Niro. Are you following me? Are you subscribing to this site? You should be. Subscribing to sites that interest you can save you a lot of time. They let you know when there's new content, so that you can read on your own schedule.  You can also follow me on one of my two Twitter accounts, or see what I've bookmarked on Delicious.com. If you like anything you see here, let me know by writing a comment.

Visible or Invisible Links

Website's in general, and blogs in particular, are all about links. Sending people where you want, to content that they want. Are your links easy to find? How about if your site was viewed by someone colorblind or partially sighted?

Accessibility can be viewed as the "ability to access" the functionality, and possible benefit, of some system or entity. - Wikipedia

Spring Cleaning

It's not Spring yet, and I'm not actually cleaning anything, but the title seemed to fit. If you follow this site on my RSS feed, you'll notice that things are a bit out of order. I'm updating posts and it causes them to jump to the front of the feed.  Mostly this involves making sure the posts have correct tags and categories and so forth, but I'm also checking links and content. My recent style update included some major structural revisions, so I'm still making sure nothing broke.  Updating should be done soon.


All WordPress, All the Time!

While minor changes to this site are still ongoing, the awkward phase should be over. Up until now this has been a static HTML site with a WordPress Blog in a sub-directory. As of this morning, it's all WordPress. The awkward part was configuring WordPress such that it could maintain my static home page, and keep the blog's permalink structure intact. I've taken a bit of the previous static content offline for now, but I'll add it again if I decide it's relevant. Permalinks should all work as before, but you might have to resubscribe to the RSS feed.

About the Author

Douglas Tschetter

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This site is utilizing skip links to improve mouseless browsing. Skip links are links to another part of the page that allow visitors to navigate their way around a web document, without having to cycle through a huge list of links. They will be seen when tabbing through the page, and can be activated by hitting enter key when visible.