That's right, Safari is now available for Windows. It's about time.

Like all good things, Safari oon Windows time has passed. We'll miss it.

Lawton Chiles interviews Radim Malinic of Brand Nu . I wasn't familiar with their site, but I've seen their work. A fascinating combination of digital imagery and vector graphics. An Interview With Brand Nu aka Radim

A great demo video of Photosynth is presented by Blaise Aguera y Arcas, an architect at Microsoft Live Labs. I find it hard to believe there isn't a real powerhouse computer behind that demo, but this is supposed to be much less memory dependent than it appears to be. Like with most software, time will tell. I look forward to seeing this and other products based on this technology in use.

What is the difference between the CSS Class selector and Style property? It's both a big difference, and a small one. While they use the same style rules, and can often create the same effects, there are different reasons for using each of them. They are both used to attach characteristics to an HTML element, but the Class selector is used when those characteristics are common to your site. For instance I would use a class selector if I were defining code, like this:

I've been meaning to look up cheap alternatives to the design software I currently use. Photoshop is fantastic, but it's expensive. What can I use on my home computer cheaper? Or on a laptop just for the occasional touch-up? Before I had the opportunity to look this up, I found that someone else had saved me the trouble. Creative Alternatives and Resources It's a fairly comprehensive list of what's available for the designer on a budget... or with no budget.

Seth Grodin writes about logos and their meaning, or lack there of.

About thirty years ago, three companies dreamed up logos that have become so powerful, I don't even have to show you the images to get them to pop up in your head. - Continued

You need to go and read this. This is what a lot of design clients don't get, and a lot of designers too.

Go read Dan's post on A Different Approach to Design . It's well worth your time.

That’s when I realized I succeeded as an artist, but failed as a designer.

I always like to link to lists of resources for products and tools that I use. Here's some lists of Photoshop resources that are pretty good.

Here are 31 Free Online Tests that you can run on your site. Test for validation, syntax, links, load time, etc. You can even check for who's linking to you, and your search engine optimization status. A great list of resources for web designers. How does your site fare?

h/t Church Communications Pro

As you can see, I changed the WordPress theme. Still fiddling, but since this site is rarely visited, I figure it wouldn't really matter. As in previous versions, the CSS and page structure is mine, while the PHP is a mish-mash of the two default themes and some of my own work. Hope you like it.

Update: It's change a couple of times now, and is currently using Drupal.

Update: Note to self, take screenshots when you post things like this. I have no idea what the site looked like when this was posted.