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Accessibility - W3C

W3C has a new accessibility section. It does a nice job of unifying their accessibility content into one location. The home page has a great explanation of the three W's of accessibility. Why, What, and How. (Two W's and an H just doesn't have a nice ring to it.)

Online Accessibility Testing Tools

Interested in testing the accessibility of your site? Here's a couple of free online tools that will get you started.

Thoughts on Accessibility

To say that people are starting to talk about accessibility on the web would be misleading. Some people have been talking about it for quite a while. What should be said is that people are starting to listen to talk about accessibility.  If you're interested in learning about accessibility, here are some people and organization you should try listening to.

What's Your Feed?

You have your site setup properly, a beautiful design, perfect content... that's everything right? Do you have RSS feeds? Can people subscribe to your site? Quick, off the top of your head, what's your site's feed called? Do you know? What's the feeds URL? Is it available from any page in the site, or just the home page? Do you have multiple feeds? If so, where are they available from? Here are a few things you can do to make it easier for your users to subscribe to your site.

The Ironically Named Usability.gov

You might expect a high level of accessibility from a site called Usability.gov.  You might be disappointed. Sadly, I wasn't particularly surprised by my quick look into the accessibility of this site.


Why Accessibility?

Who cares about accessibility? The short answer is you should. If you don't, you're not alone. A lot of people don't give a lot of thought to accessibility, but they should too. Why should you worry about accessibility? For this discussion, let's leave the legal implications out entirely, they're important too, but that's another discussion. Let's just consider your audience. Who is your audience? Do you like your audience? How would you feel if I told you I was going to take some of them away? Lack of accessibility might be doing just that.

Jim Thatcher and WhiteHouse.gov - Update

I linked to Jim Thatcher's post Accessibility of the White House Web Site, so I thought it only fair to link to his update as well.

Whitecap Custom Rods

My most recent project at Riven Design was a brand new Drupal site for Whitecap Custom Rods. The owners of WhitecapRods.com pride themselves on building rods "with an enthusiasm for excellence". It shows in their work, and I hope it shows in their site.


Riven Design Online

My business site, RivenDesign.com, has a new look. As well as the new style, I've improved the accessibility with better skip links and a better use of headings. It also has an updated version of Drupal.

Riven Design

Two Accessibility Discussions You Need to Follow

There are two good accessibility discussions going on right now, and you need to be following them. The first is Glenda Watson Hyatt's Four Parties Contribute to an Accessible Blogosphere. Glenda is pushing for more accessibility in blogging platforms and on blogs themselves. This is an idea whose time has come. Blogs by design are dynamic and adaptable. Let's adapt them toward accessibility.