Test Driven

Test-Driven CSS (sorta) at zahnster

When starting this task, I knew that we'd have to come up with an at-a-glance method for our developers to take the newly re-factored CSS and run with it.


Web Design Resources - Updated

I was putting together a list of resources that I regularly use for someone, and I thought it might be helpful for someone else.

CSS Menu Writer Rides Again

I'm still using the CSS Menu Writer that I got to evaluate. I have to say it's very slick. I'm working on a WordPress site that I hope to reveal soon, and it came in very handy. I've worked on tabbed navigation with CSS before, but this was relatively painless. A few quick menu adjustments and it gave me a set of beautiful tabbed menus. Of course it's never quite that easy.

Web Design Tools - The Site Test

If you are a site designer, or a site owner, you will at some point need to evaluate a site. Do the bones of the site stand up, or it is a screaming wreck hidden behind a pretty facade? The first thing I do is look at the source code.  Beautiful code isn't the final answer on site testing, but it's a place to start.  Is it table based, or a CSS layout? A table based layout should put up a warning flag. Table based layouts are outdated... you can do better. You want CSS. It's more adaptable, and more accessible to a wide range of technologies.

CSS Menu Writer

The nice people at WebAssist.com are letting me try out their new CSS Menu Writer extension for Dreamweaver. I got a demonstration of it yesterday, and I've been putting it though it's paces this morning. It is exactly what the title would suggest, a CSS menu writer. Working through four tabbed menus, you can easily create fairly complex, and valid CSS menus. I'm very impressed with it so far. The extension works well, and is quite intuitive.

IE6 bugs, defined

IE 6 actually had the best CSS support of any browser when it first came out... SEVEN YEARS AGO. - CSS-Tricks

Chris Coyier at CSS Tricks has written a very nice piece on IE6 CSS bugs. Anyone who's dealt with these will appreciate this list. Anyone who's fought with them and didn't know what they were will appreciate them more.


Accessibility is the job

456 Berea Street is linking to a great discussion on accessibility.

But I am going to take this opportunity to re-inforce what I believe is the nature of our professionalism. We should make an effort to create accessible content, because it's part of our job. And frankly, it doesn't take much effort; it's not difficult. - John "brothercake" Edwards

VTTI Web-site Updated

The restructuring of the VTTI website is complete. They didn't want a redesign in the traditional sense, they wanted to update and improve what they had. I've updated the colors and textures, as well as improving the quality of HTML and CSS. The end result is a site with a simpler color palette, and improved overall functionality. The load time is down, and the design is now consistent across browsers and platforms. As a side benefit, it's also much easier to maintain and expand.

Sizing Text in CSS

A List Apart has a great article on How to Size Text in CSS


In this article, we will reconcile the designer's requirement for accuracy with the user's need to resize text on demand, arriving at a best practice that satisfies designers and users and works across browsers and platforms.

How can you ask for anything more than that?


Web Image File Types

What type of image should I use online, JPG, GIF, or PNG? Simple question, but the obvious reply is another question. How are you going to use the image? One of my favorite quotations is Horatio Greenough's "form follows function". The function of an image should control the image's file type. A few things to consider: