About this Site

New Theme

As you can see, I changed the WordPress theme. Still fiddling, but since this site is rarely visited, I figure it wouldn't really matter. As in previous versions, the CSS and page structure is mine, while the PHP is a mish-mash of the two default themes and some of my own work. Hope you like it.

Update: It's change a couple of times now, and is currently using Drupal.

Virginia Tech

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those involved in the shootings at Virginia Tech.

In Memorium


In a blur

In a flurry of activity I finished up my latest web design project. www.alumni.vt.edu It's not an original design on my part. I did some significant work on the CSS, but it is otherwise a standard university template. Most of the CSS work was in two areas. The first was a color scheme change, removing the template's blue highlights and replacing them with Orange.

On Narcissism

Douglas Karr is linking to a John Chow post called My Name Is My Domain List. Interesting, why do some people choose to use their name as their URL? My reason was similar to Mr. Karr's.

"My companies, jobs, and websites might come and go - but I'm sticking with my name."


Blogger Survey

Results of a survey I took part in are now available. Here is a list of the other bloggers who participated.

Who am I to lecture anybody about graphic design?

Dude you of people shouldn't be lecturing anybody about design.


I've updated the theme on this site. The original theme I used was an experiment of sorts. I wanted to build a site with page edges that weren't straight. As you can see in the picture below, all four edges of the page in that style were jagged.

first design

An interesting experiment, and I'm glad I tried it, but it was a little distracting. This new style is a lot cleaner looking.


Welcome to my new site. I'm going to be using this site as a repository for online resources and news about the interrelated fields of graphic design and web design. I'm a professional graphic designer with thirteen years of experience in print publications. I started to add web design to my repertoire about five years ago, and for the last two years have been doing forty to fifty percent web design work. I'll also be writing about photography, computer, and design software. These subjects are dear to my heart and integrally linked to my design work. Thanks for stopping by.