The Big Picture

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Too many projects start off with big plans, without even a glance at the big picture. Not the "Big Picture" in the global sense, but an evaluation of how the website as a complete entity will function. What types of content will there be? How will the content types interact with one another. What sort of URL structure will there be? Not Earth shattering questions, but ones that should be answered before significant development occurs.

Content Types
What types of content do you expect to display?
How will these content types relate to one another?
What fields do you intend to use? Another way to think of this is, what information should I be collecting and/or displaying?
How are do you want to use taxonomies to group information?
An often overlooked question is, what fields should these taxonomies have? If you're using taxonomies to group nodes or other entities, What other information can these taxonomies bring to the game?
In Drupal 7 taxonomies are fieldable entities. Take advantage of this.
Other Entities
Are there an other entities that you can take advantage of? With the Media and File Entity modules, even files can be fieldable entities. The power of being able to add text fields or taxonomy terms directly to a file is incredible.

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