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BlogDesk is a fairly nice desktop blogging client. In simpler terms it's a piece of software that lets you post to your blog from your desktop without using the web browser. This allows for some added features over a lot of blogging platforms. It supports a wide range of blog platforms including WordPress, MovableType, Drupal, and Serendipity.

My thoughts of BlogDesk:

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to setup with your blog
  • Supports WordPress custom fields, but doesn't support custom fields in other blog platforms.
  • Reasonable formatting and control of text
  • No trouble handling images
  • Had not trouble pulling in my categories
  • Allows editing of older posts, even those written before I installed it.
  • You can schedule posts for later
  • Spell-check as you would expect from something like this
  • Auto tag generation is a nice touch

Overall I was impressed. A nice piece of software. My only disappointment was that it did not support custom fields for anything other than WordPress. I develop with Drupal an I use custom fields extensively.  The lack of support for custom field rules out my use of this product and means I will not be suggesting it for most of my clients. For anyone who wants to post to a blog or site without custom fields, I would recommend it.

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