Drupal Multi-site

The changes on this site weren't entirely for the sake of change. I've wanted to change to Drupal for a while, but I just didn't want to spend the time. WordPress was working fine and I had no real reason to change. Now I do. I've been building some other sites for family and family businesses using my personal hosting account. These sites have for one reason or another all changed to Drupal in recent months. One of Drupal's advantages is the ability to build multiple sites on the same code base. A multi-site installation. Other platforms have some form of this ability too, it's not unique to Drupal. In my case though, it was a very helpful ability. The only thing keeping me from using it, was this site. Due to my hosting structure, this site's directory was the most obvious location for an installation like this. Now that I've switched this site over, the rest of them will be moving over to share the code base shortly. As each one moves, that's one less code base I need to keep up-to-date. I have a little variability in the modules the various site's use, but it should still give me a 60% or more reduction in labor for Drupal updates. Same sites, same code, same function, 60% less work to maintain. I may be busy, but I just couldn't afford not to take advantage of a time saver like that.

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I did look at WordPress MU and I love it. I'm hoping to use it for somethng soon. Drupal gave me a lot more options for photo galleries and a other content types. It better suited my purposes for these projects.