To Twitter... or not

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An interesting tweet came across my desk today. Made me think about why I like some Twitter marketing campaigns, and dislike others.

"Look at a company, then strip Twitter away. What’s left? That’s when you see who is social and who just jumped on a trend. via @mediaphyter" - @baekdal

The difference between the marketing campaigns I like, and those I dislike is what happens when you strip away Twitter. Twitter shouldn't be the product, but a tool that directs people to the product. Use Twitter just to be social, or use it to highlight content that you have elsewhere. Use it for both.  Do not use Twitter as the sole repository of your priceless content. It's a poor choice for that. It's not very search friendly, and it's time sensitive. What you tweet today will be seen today, and maybe tomorrow. It probably will never be seen after next week. So if social media and micro-blogging interests you, by all means give Twitter a chance. Just remember, Twitter can be interesting, and it can be fun. It can be a wonderful tool to drive traffic, but it's a poor choice for publishing content.

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I agree, twitter should not be your primary form of content. It is merely a tool, amongst many.