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Test-Driven CSS (sorta) at zahnster

When starting this task, I knew that we'd have to come up with an at-a-glance method for our developers to take the newly re-factored CSS and run with it.

This is an idea that I use. I have a file I call the style guide for each of my sites. It contains every CSS style I have coded of the site. The page tends to be long. Variations on ordered lists and unordered lists, definition lists, headers, paragraphs, buttons, and blockquotes. The ideas is twofold. One is to make sure that everything is working and not conflicting in some unexpected way. The other is to leave myself, or any designer who picks up the project, a way to see what currently exists and how to use it. It's not the perfect solution to CSS bloat, but it really helps limit it. If you know what's already in the CSS, you're much less likely to reinvent it when need to add something.

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