CSS Menu Writer Rides Again

I'm still using the CSS Menu Writer that I got to evaluate. I have to say it's very slick. I'm working on a WordPress site that I hope to reveal soon, and it came in very handy. I've worked on tabbed navigation with CSS before, but this was relatively painless. A few quick menu adjustments and it gave me a set of beautiful tabbed menus. Of course it's never quite that easy. I had to track down a bit of a z-index glitch in IE6 and 7, but that was hardly the fault of the people at WebAssist.  The menus performed perfectly in my base page in all browsers. It was only when I introduced some additional CSS of my own that I had an issue. Why can't Microsoft come up with a browser that works as well as the new Chrome by Google seems to? If you're looking for a Dreamweaver plugin that takes some of the work out of clean CSS menus, I'd suggest giving CSS Menu Writer a look. Even if you use it like I did, to quickly build a base menu that I further customized, it is an incredible time saver.

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Could you help me with my site - Im having the same sort of problem with IE CSS Menu Writer works sweet but finding whats wrong is beyond my capability

I contacted webassist and although very helpful they said that there was a conflict between the styles.css of the template and the menuwriter

Any help is appreciated

No promises, but I'll take a quick look if you'd like. What's the problem?