In a blur

In a flurry of activity I finished up my latest web design project. It's not an original design on my part. I did some significant work on the CSS, but it is otherwise a standard university template. Most of the CSS work was in two areas. The first was a color scheme change, removing the template's blue highlights and replacing them with Orange. This was more difficult than you might think. The second part had to do with integrating the online event registration system of the site with the modified templates. Standardizing a site of this size, +900 pages, isn't a small undertaking, but I'm very pleased with the results. While my keyboard is still cooling off from the last project, my newest challenge is already underway. This also won't be an original design. I'm restructuring an existing site. To begin with, this involves some streamlining of the CSS, making it more cross-browser compliant, and adding a little more usability. Then we'll see where it takes us.