Do You Hear Yourself?

Do you subscribe to your own RSS feeds? You should. It may sound like a strange form of vanity but it's not. It's a defense mechanism. If you don't subscribe, how do you know what your readers are getting? I subscribe to my personal site and social media feeds, as well as those of sites I work on. Several times I've caught and fixed problems with feeds before clients or readers have noticed anything.

This week I caught a problem on my own LinkedIn account. I'm not sure why, but LinkedIn suddenly started aggregating my Twitter account. This is not something that I'm interested in. I caught it after only a few tweets because it showed up in my LinkedIn feed. If I didn't subscribe it could have been months before I noticed.

What should you subscribe to?

  • Your company site
  • Your blog
  • Your social media sites
  • Hashtags and news searches for you, your company, or your industry

Any subscription you'd add?

I use Google Reader which I sync to several computers and other devices, but there are a number of good feed readers available.