Keeping up with Design

Somebody asked me a good question today. To paraphrase, it was "what websites do you use to keep up with what's going on in the industry?". Here's the list: While I don't write about blogging, I do follow what's going on with that industry. It's too much of a factor in the web design business not to.

Mostly I like to read about Art and Design. You'll notice that a number of these these sites aren't web or graphic design related. Web design needs to be inspired by all arts, not just other web design.

Inspiration can come from all kinds of interesting stuff.

I'm particularly fond of Search Feeds. Most people don't realize that a lot of search engines allow you to subscribe to the search. So you can be notified of anything new on the subject of your choice.

I also subscribe to a number of Technical Feeds. While some of these sites write about things outside of design, it's important to keep up on these too. The more I know about all aspects of my job, the better I can do my job. This might include how my computer and software work, how to improve them or how to fix them, and what's new in the industry .

I keep track of my subscriptions with the Sage feed reader for Firefox. I have posted elsewhere about other Firefox resources I regularly use.